this weekend started out with a BANG. we and an “off-site” meeting at our co-worker sue’s pool (which was really a going away party for our coworker ellesse). it was filled with homemade nachos, the pool, and LOTS OF MARGS. like so many margs that my night was a little fuzzy. because yea even though i had been drinking all day, i still thought it was a great idea to go out and meet friends in wrigley to listen to the billy joel concert from the street…and drink even more tequila. either way it was a really fun day into night. 

but a rough morning. which started at 8:30AM (tequila, not such a great idea now) and i went with my family to our mini family reunion at the 31st street harbor. we hung out with my cousin’s kids, ate chicken fingers, and enjoyed the view. my dad, sister and i left early because i couldn’t take the heat and went to see the movie chef. for someone who works in the restaurant industry, this movie was highly entertaining. i love food porn. 

sunday my sister and i went to wilmette to see our grandma. which is where i saw this fabulous house. i mean, if you want to get me to move to the suburbs, buy this for me. modern but classic. i love it. 

so in short, my weekend was full of TEQUILA, more tequila and family.