the time i tried all the barre classes in chicago

a few months ago my friend laura dragged me to a bar method class with her. and i wasn’t a big fan. i was also out of shape so me in that first class must have looked pretty pathetic. 

on valentine’s day this year, my friend kristen who is a pure barre junkie, convinced me to try pure barre with her in lakeview cause there was a galentine’s special - bring a friend for free! and i loved it. this time i was probably a little more in shape from running and i didn’t feel like a pathetic loser. 

liking pure barre basically sent me into a tailspin. my new goal was to try all the barre studios in chicago one by one to make sure pure barre was my perfect fit. here is my journey. 

bar method. 

after going to pure barre, i decided to try bar method again and make sure it wasn’t for me. while i don’t hate bar method - i’m just not a huge fan of the correcting methods. i’m not someone who likes to be called out for doing something wrong during class. i know, i know. it’s dumb. 

pure barre. 

i went back to two different locations to try pure barre again after my first experience. the first time was back at the lakeview location and it was just as great as the first time. the second time i went back was at the river north location. i really liked my instructor, but the room was oddly angled and small. so i learned i much prefer the lakeview location. 

barre bee fit. 

this was my latest studio i tried. barre bee is a little different in that it incorporates a lot more cardio into their classes. it’s little spurts of cardio and then toning/sculpting. and a whole lot of PLANKING. for one, the studio is gorgeous and large - they have two classes going on at a time at this location. everything is also girly (which i secretly love). 

the only thing i wasn’t a fan of was when you did do cardio and then a set of say thigh toning, they would turn the lights low for stretching and then turn them right back on for some more bursts of cardio. every time this happened i got all excited that class was over cause holy burn. i think i would like to go back to try their barre brawl class that incorporates kickboxing. sounds like it could be interesting. 

but in the end, i think pure barre has my heart!