it’s been 15 years since this movie came out. i know, yikes. i had this movie poster on my wall fyi and still own a copy of the dvd.

also, this article is actually worth a read. and obviously on feminism. because i’m nothing if not consistent. 

we decided to take one overnight trip to lillehammer - site of the 1994 winter olympics. kristy yamaguchi’s olympics y’all! 

so the hard part of this trip was the weather. it was dreary both days and rainy. but also it was in this weird in between season for lillehammer. it’s a big ski town, but it was neither warm nor cold so it was snowy but melting. 

we made the best of it though! we went to the art musuem which had a really cool textile exhibit going on and saw some munch paintings. 

we had more pizza, because norwegians love pizza. but we also had wafels for breakfast - that come with cream and jam and it’s so good. 

we also walked around town, tried some truffles at a cute local bakery, and got beers at a very norwegian looking bar.

on day four we head to hafjell. it’s a mountain that was used during the olympics which we thought wold be way more eventful than it was. like i said before the melting snow made any activities pretty impossible. it was cool to see, but we only stayed for about an hour before we headed back to town and then took the train back to oslo. 

more to come!

on my way to norway, i listened to this song ‘am i wrong’ by nico & vinz about 1,001 times. it’s catchy and i had just discovered it on spotify so it was obviously on repeat. 

as my sister and i were walking the streets of oslo, i saw someone wearing a nico & vinz sweatshirt and thought how random since i had been listening to their stuff on repeat all week. 

then the other day i googled them to learn more about the duo and found out they were NORWEGIAN. and then i realized that the kid wearing the sweatshirt WAS ONE OF THE DUO. and one look at twitter confirmed that the day i saw him they had been performing in oslo. 

i almost *ALMOST* stopped him to be like oh man love their stuff. i wish i had because he would have been like, ‘you are an idiot, you little american’ and it would have been fabulous.

my sister is currently studying abroad in spain. getting her master’s and being all scholarly and stuff. so for her spring break, she and i decided we should do a sister trip somewhere ANYWHERE. 

our first thought was morocco since it’s so close to spain. but oddly hard to get to we found out…so we decided to find a cheaper place to travel to and we came up with…NORWAY. 

so last week, i traveled to oslo (through berlin) and met my sister for a week-long relaxing vacation in gorgeous oslo, norway. above are pics from our first two days there. i will be posting these in intervals because tumblr insists you can only put up 10 photos at a time. sad face. 

our first day in norway we started the day with a meal at nighthawk diner. which was american. this is when i found out that norwegian food is basically american food. everywhere serves burgers and pizza and more pizza and more burgers. no complaints here! so we got milkshakes and then walked around oslo to the royal palace, aker bryge, and akershus fortress before going to dinner at an italian bistro by the water and sat outside sipping prosecco before going to bed.

day two was more exploring, but this time by boat. we took a ferry to the peninsula that houses all the museums and went to the viking ship museum first (super fascinating stuff) and then the fram museum which houses an actual 3-story humongous vessel that you can walk around which was pretty cool. 

that night we went to a nice french meal at trancher entrocote and got steaks with all the sauces you could want to try and lots of fun sides like pomme frites and potato au gratin. it was delish. 

on day three we headed to lillehammer. so more to come on that adventure!