I should be used to the way Americans dress when traveling, yet it still manages to amaze me. It’s as if the person next to you had been washing shoe polish off a pig, then suddenly threw down his sponge saying, ‘Fuck this. I’m going to Los Angeles!’

David Sedaris, Let’s Explore Diabetes with Owls (via david)

this speaks to me mainly because my mother used to make us dress up to get on planes. because that’s what she did when growing up when dressing up on planes was expected because it was a luxury to get on a plane and travel somewhere marvelous. 

she even used to buy us ‘plane outfits’ when we were little. and these were NOT sweats. they were nice slacks or dresses.

now people take off their shoes and socks and wear sloppy ponytails and bring pillows and their bugs bunny pjs. my how the world has changed.

le sigh.

sometimes my job really kicks ass and sends me to new york city for the weekend to scout out an event we might want to host in 2015. and then i get to see my besties from college like meghan and huff.

i got there pretty early in the morning and my room wasn’t ready at the lexington hotel yet (super cute hotel with spacious rooms and also marilyn monroe and joe dimaggio lived here at one point so score big points for this place). so while i waited, i walked up to the momokfuku milk bar in midtown. like i said in my insta, it’s only ok to eat soft serve when it’s cereal milk flavored. and it REALLY tastes like the milk left at the bottom of your cereal after you’re done with it. how crazy. 

after a little bit of complaining (or lying and saying i had a 1pm meeting), i got my room early, took a quick shower, and went uptown to meet huff for lunch at the meatball shop. i had a flight of different balls (hehe) and some sparkling rose before meghan came and met us to go to see the jeff koons exhbit at the whitney

meg and huff hated it, but i thought the exhibit was pretty interesting. there were some bits i didn’t like - aka seeing jeff koons’s actual bits in the self portraits he did of him and his wife naked. but his more recent pieces are fascinating to me. how do you make stainless steel bend to look like a blown up balloon???

after the museum, we went and got macarons at laduree. i really liked the lily of the valley (no one else did…sigh) and the pistachio one as well. we ate them on my hotel bed while we giggled and caught up and it was just one of the best moments of the weekend. we had so much fun just pretending we were back in college being together 24-7. 

that night, i had to go to a dinner for work. it was part of the NYC wine & food festival. i had picked the perfect pairing dinner by april bloomfield and nancy silverton mainly because they are two powerful women and i thought it might be nice to see some top women chefs in action. 

i hate to say that i was disappointed but i was. the starter of burrata was dull, the kale salad was SUPER acidic and the entree was a cow’s hoof stuffed with sausage and then fried so i mean, i’m not sure what to make of the whole thing. it didn’t feel like it all meshed well. the chefs never came out to thank us for coming and at $250 a ticket, i sort of expect to meet the chefs who cooked my meal. the only positive thing i can say is the wine was spectacular - zonin i like you very much.

a little buzzed, i then and went downtown and met meg and huff out at a bar where they were with our friends brendan and lou. after one drink, we decided to grab joe’s pizza and head to brendan and lou’s apartment to hang out on their rooftop. it was a great end to a hectic day. we listened to copious amounts of nashville songs and sipped on white wine with a great view of nyc in the background. 

and this was only the beginning.

I have no problem understanding that women are interested in mascara and the Middle East. Men are allowed to talk about sports relentlessly, and yet we still take them seriously. I don’t understand why women can’t talk about fashion, or sex, or love, or wanting more money and not be taken as seriously as men.

cleanse: the aftermath

it’s been two weeks since i ended my 3-day cleanse from harvest juicery. every time i tell someone i just completed a cleanse, i get a lot of questions about how i felt after so here are my jumble of thoughts on the subject. 

  • the main thing i got out of it, was a very mind-over-matter feeling. i’m very much the kind of person who gives in to their cravings just because or i’m bored. and doing the cleanse made me feel like i had power over my choices. which is a really freeing feeling. 
  • after the cleanse, i really craved veggies. that’s never been a thing for me.
  • i also really craved meat. that’s always been a thing for me. 
  • i don’t really crave soda anymore. and i’m glad. that is something i really like to drink, but it’s so sugar-y and high in calorie. since the cleanse, i’ve maybe drank 3-4 sodas and usually i drank two a day. so proud of myself on that count. 
  • energy. i had a LOT of energy after i finished it. not sure if that’s from just eating healthy or the toxins being gone (mainly because i’ve heard there is nothing to prove toxins actually leave your body after a cleanse), but i def felt more energized and lighter. 
  • so far since the cleanse ended, i’ve lost almost 10 lbs. i attribute this to a lot of things: the cleanse and eating a LOT better since it ended, working out 3-4 times a week vs. my usual 1-2, and weighing myself the first day of my period (TMI sorry). 

i would really recommend doing a cleanse to those who feel like they have issues with food. mine mainly run in the ‘can’t stop myself from eating ALL the french fries’ and treating myself too much. i really think this helped me decide what foods are worth it vs. not. i know we’re only two weeks out, but i already feel really good about my decisions and progress.

let’s toast with some green juice!